How-to improve product image

A few basic definitions are required to understand your product. First it is important to give a clear definition for your product or service –

a product or service is the total experience of the customer or consumer has when dealing with an organization.

From the above definition - to understand your product - it can be seen that a product is more than the actual item being sold but a whole range of other things, which make up the experience of consuming the product. For example the following should be considered:
  1. Product itself is most closely related to – Function, design, features, efficacy, price and packaging.

  2. Services related to the product – Before sales service, after sales service, delivery, availability, advice, finance, guarantees, add ons, warranties, during sales service.

  3. Intangibles related to the product – Quality perceptions, value perceptions, reputation, other user recommendations, corporate image, brand name and organization.

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