Developing Internet Marketing

There are some important factors that should be considered before in developing internet marketing

One of the first things are what EXACTLY are you trying to achieve.

Why are you thinking of developing internet marketing? Your business situation might be one of the following:

1. Have an off-line business that you want to get it on-line.
2. You don't have any business now but want to start a new web business and want to learn how internet marketing will help.

Understanding C > T > P > M

For internet marketing in both situations above you need to understand the web business process is based on the following:

C > T > P > M

C = Content (develop relevant content for your business niche)
T = Targeted traffic (ensure that your site receives targeted traffic)
P = PRE sell (Show the benefits 'without' trying to sell)
M = Monetize (Ask for the order)

Most web businesses concentrate too much on the 'M' trying to Monetize from the word go! - this is a cardinal sin. For two reasons - one, there might actually be only very few visitors to the website - or in other words no traffic no sales! Secondly, there is no real trust between the buyer and seller - this is crucial when it comes to your web business. Since most people are reluctant to buy on the web.


So what type of content suits your website? the content that you put on your website should have two features. One, they should be profitable keywords relevant to your business niche. Two, they should be of high value so as to enable the development of trust with the potential customer. Mastering the content aspect of your niche is crucial for internet marketing.

Targeted traffic

The Internet is dominated by a few search engines. The search engines survival depends on delivering relevant content to its client. This all depends on keywords. Keywords are the basic element used by the search engines to find relevant content. So long as your articles are relevant to the keywords that you have used (for your niche business) you will find large numbers of targeted clients visiting your website.


PRE-selling is the second aspect of developing internet marketing- pre-selling is a method of focusing the customers attention at the benefits of the product. This facilitates the process of building trust since you are offering only what the buyer wants and not emphasizing aspects of the product itself. There is art to writing good copy which has nothing to do with literary skills. This resource provides important techniques of how to write convincingly.

develop internet marketing


- then ask for the order - there are various ways that you can Monetize are a web business - check the business model section

Checklist for your web business 1. Brainstorm you business niche
2. Also think of how to generate multiple income streams from your business niche
3. Think of keywords that match your business niche
4. Check if the keywords are profitable high demand keywords on the Internet
5. Write keyword rich - high content-value articles to attract targeted traffic
6. You website should have at least 20 pages of keyword rich - high content-value articles
7. Articles should show the benefit of your product and not sell to the customer initially - gaining trust of a customer is more important
8. submit/ list pages of your website with the search engine
9. Monitor performance of the pages and tweak them whenever required to improve search engine rankings and sales
10. Monetize! the final step add a shopping cart or other e-commerce system - also check business models for different types of Monetization systems

The checklist above is very comprehensive for some one just starting out on a new web business - don't think that it is too daunting very little technical knowledge is required to build a web business.

I strongly recommend that you use Ken Evoy's web hosting and e-commerce system which follows the steps mentioned above and has numerous other value additional tools.

Site Build It! - "Why build JUST a Web site... when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"

developing internet marketing

Business Models

It is important to understand the exact dynamics of your business idea - this can be down easily by looking at different business models.

Some of the key business models are listed below:

The SBI! Small Business Locator

"Find YOUR Small Business (Or Idea)" Do you reach a rather broad-based audience? Or what if you want a wife to read your article and perhaps point her husband or friend in another direction? This site gives you multiple chances to make a sale...

For The Aspiring Infopreneur...

InfoPublishing Build an online business based upon what you know (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times). If you know your subject matter, and if you're motivated to build a REAL business with growing, diversified revenues...

TARGETED Traffic to Primary E-commerce/Corporate Site

Already have an online store? A sales site? Most SSBs who do are in supreme pain... no traffic. Remind them of their "no traffic" pain. The best way is to suggest that your prospective customer visit and take the "Get to the Point Test" -- it's a powerful demo of just how badly off their business is, traffic-wise, and how much better they could be doing. Some SBI! clients have spent $30,000+ on their main e-com sites. But their major source of traffic comes from their $300 SBI!.

Master the Word to Professional Webmasters

Small business people who "do it themselves" are the tip of the iceberg. Webmasters reach the iceberg... those who want others to do it for them. Use this RR URL to reach the folks who reach the iceberg...


Finally, the promise of affiliate marketing is realized. Publish a theme-based information-jammed content site. Monetize with the cream of affiliate programs, blend in additional AdSense and other revenues. Finally...Build an affiliate site that WORKS. Diversify as you grow.

Network Marketers

Network Marketing starts with recruiting/lead generation. Generating leads is "made for the Net." But that's not the way matters have unfolded. Why? Because everyone in the industry has tried to force offline methods, online. There's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate them to pull (i.e., they call you).

Online Auction Sellers

Auction sellers free yourselves of eBay dependency. The "Big 3" will do it --> #1) Own #2) Diversify #3) Build equity. Now auction sellers can build REAL businesses that THEY own.

For LOCAL Businesses with LOCAL Clients

There are tens of millions of small local businesses not yet online. Those who ARE online? They die deaths of quiet, no-traffic desperation. Show them how to build a Web site that WORKS... One that delivers 100 times the benefits of a Yellow Pages ad, At one tenth of the cost. Whether through Print Ad (see 5P Club) or friend-to-friend, The KEY is to reach them offline and get them to this important site...

For Those Selling a Service... or Could Be!

It's 'THE' Most Overlooked Opportunity on the Net. Build an ever-growing client base until you can say... "I'm sorry... I'm not taking new clients." An SBI!-built Theme-Based Content Site is perfect because every service revolves around a theme.


Get paid a referrer or finder's fee by an offline business for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. This Monetization model is as classic as business itself. The Net, though, makes it far more cost-effective.

Selling Hard Goods

Thinking about selling products online? Maybe you already are, but want to do better... much better? If so... Year by year, both retailers and shoppers are moving ever more online. It's the low risk, easy, efficient way to sell. And, for shoppers, it's the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, cheap). So why do 98% of small business online retailers fail? And why is this little-known, disastrous "98%-fail" statistic good news for YOUR audience?

Selling E-goods

E-books (especially non-fiction "how to"), e-photos (booming!) scans, niche software, etc. The whole "digital goods for sale" space is soaring. --> Anything can be digitized -- sell it.


Whether you represent villa rentals in Tuscany, medical imaging manufacturers, or the services of computer programmers, you CAN sell or rent effectively online.

A Revolution in Web Site Monetization - Google's AdSense

A Tailor-Made Way to Monetize Your SBI! Site!...

Rarely will a custom-made solution be dropped into your lap (let alone from the Net's smartest company), just begging you to capitalize. Ride Google AdSense for all its worth. Send visitors to THE word on how to get the most from AdSense...

Details of the business models given in links below:

1. Identify your own niche from those listed
2. Info-publishing niche
3. Targetted traffic to an existing site
4. Professional webmasters
5. Affiliates
6. Network marketers
7. Online auction-sellers
8. Local business with local clients
9. For those selling services
10. Finders/ referrers
11. Selling hard goods
12. Selling e-goods
13. Sales/ Rentals
14. Adsense monetization business model

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Certified Webmaster Directory...

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