Benefits of Marketing Plan Software

The marketing plan software that I recommend are guaranteed to increase your ability to achieve marketing goals effectively and 'painlessly'

Are you serious about preparing a quality marketing plan that will grow your existing business and help you achieve your marketing objectives?

Then you will need expert advice and that does not come free! - so how much will it cost you? 

Well for $100 to $150 you can purchase high-quality marketing plan software (with money back guarantee) that provides detailed advice on how to prepare a professional marketing plan. So what's the real advantage to you? Well, you spend $100 now and through guaranteed success your sales and profits will increase by $5,000, $10,000 or $100,000 so are you really losing that $100? I think you get my point - think investment not expense : )

But hey there are so many free sites which include marketing plan templates (including my own!) that can be used! so why should you waste your money on marketing plan software, right?

Well there are some good answers to your question (following features are available in Marketing Plan Pro 2005 - the only software that I recommend):

  • Strategy - Marketing Plan Software will provide the tools required to select the proper strategy depending on the business environment facing your business.
  • Reduce Costs - Use of marketing software at the outset ensures that you get it right the first time. Spending a little more ensures a high quality plan similar to having hired a planning consultant to formulate your plan.

  • Flexibility - Plan Software will allow you the flexibility to test different strategies and implement the most suitable.

  • Compare the plan - Compare your plan against 70 other marketing plans from different industries and make changes to improve on the draft marketing plan.

  • More compelling - Make your plan more convincing by using the correct plan terminology. This ensures that stakeholders will be convinced that the plan will be able to meet its objectives.

  • Ensure completeness - Marketing software will ensure the completeness of the plan by taking you step by step through the planning process.


So let's get down to the marketing plan software that I want to recommend:

It's a short list

  1. Palo Alto Software's Marketing Plan Pro

The only marketing plan software and comprehensive guide you will ever need. It is by far the best marketing plan software bar none. 


  • 70+ Sample Plans Included - So don't worry about writer's block! Just select one of the sample marketing plans to get you started.
  • SWOT Analysis - Gain a better understanding of your marketing needs with a complete analysis of your company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  • The EasyPlan Wizard makes sure that you are up and running in no time. Marketing Plan Pro dynamically produces your plan outline to match your business type, as you move through the EasyPlan Wizard.
  • The Plan Review feature checks your financials for accuracy and your plan for completeness.
  • Preformatted tables and charts do your marketing budget and expense calculations for you—Break-even, Sales Forecast, Market Expense Budget, plus more.
  • Forecast your sales graphically on a chart and your numbers are automatically transferred to your Sales Forecast table.
  • The software includes a unique Strategy Pyramid™ - See the big picture by putting your strategies, tactics and programs into graphical images.
  • It also allows you to produce Impressive Visuals With Ease - Charts will be automatically generated in your marketing plan that will make your plan look impressive from start to finish.
  • A significant strength of the software is that Marketing Plan Pro is based on a marketing plan format recognized by marketing consultants, including Philip Kotler, author of Marketing Management.
  • Present your plan with confidence with a professional PowerPoint presentation with the included templates.
  • I also checked the software ability to export to MS Word®, MS Excel®, PDF and HTML it worked fine on these formats too - so you can Export your plan to these common formats for additional formatting and presentation options.
  • Instructions and examples for every step, plus excellent phone and email technical support.

There are so many bonuses offered that I do not want to list any of them here:

So I strongly recommend that you -

Visit the site: Marketing Plan Pro

Marketing Plan Software