Benefits of Business Plan Software

The business plan software that we recommend are guaranteed to increase your ability to prepare a business plan efficiently and 'painlessly'

Are you serious about preparing a quality business plan that will grow your existing business or start-up and help you raise the finance that you need?

Then you will need expert advice and that does not come free! - so how much will it cost you? 

Well for $100 to $150 you can purchase high-quality business plan software (with a money back guarantee) that provides detailed advice on how to prepare a professional business plan. So what's the real advantage to you? Well, you spend $100 now and through guaranteed success business profits will increase by $5,000, $10,000 or $100,000 so are you really losing that $100? I think you get my point - think investment not expense : )

But hey there are so many free sites which include business plan templates that can be used! so why should you waste your money on business plan software, right?

Well there are some good answers to your question (following features are available in Business Plan Pro 2005 - the only software that I recommend):

  • Use samples and templates provided to quickly build a detailed plan. Plan Wizard will help you kick-start your plan documentation and streamline data entry through an easy to understand process
  • Full marketing module - develop strategy - marketing campaign - implement and bring in the sales through an integrated process.
  • Industry studies (more than 2000) with real world data makes your plan more realistic and convincing. Find funding quickly through a huge database of VC's SBA resources and more.
  • Sample plan browser - check critical aspects of your plan against some of the best sample plans.
  • All-in-one-package. Use what-if analysis, scenarios, sensitivity analysis, compare industry ratios, set schedules, create marketing plans and even start an e-business.
  • Detailed help. Plan Wizard helps you every step of the way. It also walks you through charts and tables row by row. This takes all the difficulty out of the planning process.
  • Business Plan Software is preferred by - bankers, lenders, SBA and VC's. This means that you can sell you plan more easily.

So let's get down to the business plan software that I want to recommend:

It's a short list

  1. Palo Alto Software's Business Plan Pro 2005

The only business plan software and comprehensive guide you will ever need. It is by far the most important business plan software bar none. 

The world's best-selling business plan builder! Tim Berry's Business Plan Pro is a complete stand-alone business plan builder including prompted text, complete linked financial analysis, dazzling business charts and professional-looking formatted printouts. 

PC Magazine says, no other business plan software can match Business Plan Pro for its navigational ease, customizability, and superb integration, and Entrepreneur (Magazine) says it sets the standard for ease of use.

Business Plan Pro 2005 is not a cookie-cutter boilerplate plan or a set of templates, but a complete guided, prompted application with built-in spreadsheet, text processor, tables and charts. 

For a business plan you'll be proud to show to any banker, investor or your boss - Business Plan Pro 2005

There are so many bonuses offered that I do not want to list any of them here:

So I strongly recommend that you -

Visit the site: Business Plan Pro 2005  

The only business plan software that we recommend